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Recent Work 2014-2017
Informed by experiences of Aegean landscapes, archaeological sites, and Athenian urban fabric, these abstract paintings connect, reflect, and interpret layers of natural and human-built structures. The work engages both an experiential sense of place and its temporal and physical simultaneity. Landscape and settlement strata, city and countryside, architectural form and natural light, painted surface and overwritten graffiti are all sites of interplay.

The paintings are based on experience of place, specifically on locations in Greece and Cyprus.

In addition to recalling archeological presence, architectural form, plan, space, environmental factors, landscape/site, and circulation to map experience, the paintings reference the hand-built geometric structures of vernacular architecture in Greece. They also draw upon contemporary machined and industrial modernist forms that are no-longer-pristine from exposure to the elements and human use.

For this reason, the work doesn't employ hard-edge geometric abstraction in their making. The paintings use traditional brush application to build layers of history and structure. They reflect an inherent tension of hand-made geometries. I believe that there is something deeply humane in something that strives for 'perfection' but falls short.

Into the Pyre + Athens for Rent  (2009+2013)

Hillbilly  (2007)

Hybrid  (2003)