Stratografia and Isolario series (2013-2019) 

Through my paintings, I connect with "sensation of place" memories to transport back to urban and Mediterranean locales.

Constructed of layered, gestural geometries, each painting maps an experience of specific location; primarily those found in Cyprus and Greece. They recall site, space, circulation, ambient color, natural and human-built structures, architectural form, archeological presence, and landscape. 


Todd Lowery is an American Painter and Professor of Fine Arts. He works in a variety of media, primarily with oil and watercolour, but also acrylic and charcoal. His current bodies of work, the oil painting series Stratografia and the watercolour series Isolario, have been exhibited throughout Europe and North America, with recent solo exhibitions in Canada, Cyprus, Germany, Greece, Sweden and the US. Recent group exhibitions that have featured Todd’s work include Artists in Athens, City of Crisis, shown at the Rosa Luxembourg Foundation in Berlin, and at the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation in Athens.

Todd holds a Master of Fine Arts from the School of Visual Arts in New York City, where he lived and studied. He is Professor of Fine Arts at Drury University. He has served as Chair of Drury’s Department of Art and Art History, and has led and taught short-term art programs out of Florence and throughout Italy and Greece. Since 2007, Todd has been dividing his time between Cyprus, Greece, Italy and the US.